Become an ambassador

Role: NGO ambassador

Type of role: Volunteer

Location: International

Work hours: No time commitment

What does being an ambassador entail?

An ambassador can be anyone who believes in our organization, is passionate about our cause, and would like to help us grow by raising awareness and promoting Help Front UA abroad.

As an ambassador, you can join our volunteer community in Ukraine, or become a Help Front spokesperson in your home country.

Ways to help can be as simple as sharing our story with your family and friends, or organizing a fundraiser in your community, reaching out to local businesses for donations, promoting our organization locally and online, etc.

If you have no previous experience in volunteering or fundraising, don’t worry! We will be there to help you every step of the way!

This is a volunteer role, meaning there are no minimum hours you’re required to work, nor any targets we expect you to reach. We greatly appreciate every single minute you spend volunteering with us.

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