About us

During the second week of the war, through the chaos and uncertainty, our volunteers raised up to help. Our experienced drivers began to make drives to the border to transport women and children to safety. As the war raged on and more transportation was provided, we found a new way to help near the border.

With the help of the Peace for Freedom organization, our volunteers joined in on feeding the refugees. At the time, there were thousands of people waiting to cross into safety. They were waiting for days, even weeks, in the freezing cold. Many of them had endured hardship and were devastated to leave their homes. As we were saying our goodbyes, we also ensured them that we would be here when they return. We cannot wait for the time when we can welcome Ukrainian people home, but before that can happen, we have a lot more work to do.

As the feeding location was becoming more known, other volunteers began to bring humanitarian aid for us to distribute. With time we gained a lot more volunteers on our team and rented a warehouse.

Now we process donations from local and international organizations. Our experienced drivers help evacuate internally displaced persons as well as deliver humanitarian aid, military supplies, and medical equipment to the affected regions. Our main goal is to save lives and fully support citizens who have been affected by Russian aggression.

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