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During the second week of the war, through the chaos and uncertainty, our volunteers raised up to help. Now, we need your help to keep going.

Please consider donating to our cause through the link below or contact us directly in case of a physical donation. Every little bit helps make a change!

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About Us

Our Beliefs

Help Front UA is a non-profit based in Ukraine. Our team of volunteers works day and night, sourcing, sorting, and delivering donations. We keep in contact with locals all over Ukraine to ensure our aid makes it directly to the people in need – Now, we need your help to keep our operation going.

We’re raising funds to purchase more much-needed aid, as well as to cover the cost of our warehouse, vehicle maintenance, and gas. If you’re able, please consider giving us a donation, or a quick share on social media – no help is too small!

How You Can Help

Send a Donation

Funds raised will directly benefit the affected communities by providing food, medicine, clothing, and other living necessities, as well as gas and vehicle upkeep, allowing us to transport the aid all over the country.

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Our organization was started by Ukrainian natives who know what it’s like to run from war, and with that where the help is really needed. We operate out of a warehouse in Ukraine and work only with volunteers and organizations we trust, meaning your donations will directly benefit the community without getting lost in transit.

Please find our banking information below:

Bank transfer in EUR
  • Recipient: Help Front
  • IBAN: UA793220010000026005050000351
  • Country Ukraine
  • City: Lviv
  • Address: Torf’yana street 17, apartment 13
  • Purpose: Charitable contribution
Bank transfer in USD
  • Recipient: Help Front
  • IBAN: UA613220010000026006050000350
  • Beneficiary code: 44706732
  • Country Ukraine
  • City: Lviv
  • Address: Torf’yana street 17, apartment 13
  • Purpose: Charitable contribution
  • Payments from the US may require your bank’s routing number
Bank transfer in UAH
  • Одержувач: ГО «Фронт допомоги»
  • Код ЭДРПОУ: 44706732
  • Номер рахунку IBAN: UA883220010000026006050000349
  • Банк одержувача: АТ “УНІВЕРСАЛ БАНК”, Київ ,Україна
  • Призначення платежу: Благодійний внесок


Get in touch

For organisations

We work with charitable organisations in Poland and Ukraine, providing warehouse space and deliveries further east into the country. Please contact us, if you’d like to work with us.

For individuals

Are you a Ukranian refugee or otherwise affected by the Russian aggression? Contact us and we’ll do all we can to help.

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